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Vegas gambling crime for you Vegas gambling crime junkies

The final member of a corrupt Bellagio craps gambling ring was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison for his part in an operation that netted about a million dollars during its existence, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So here’s how it worked: In 2014, casino authorities noticed a series of winning wagers they said defied 452-billion-to-1 odds. From August 2012 to July 2014, the group scammed the Bellagio through one-time, high-risk oral propositions in which a player wagered that a specific number would be rolled next. Cooper and Branco would have to be working the same table, according to Cooper’s grand jury testimony. As a shooter tossed the dice, Granito or Martin would mumble something that sounded like a hop bet and one of the dealers would pay out as if they had correctly wagered on whatever fell. You know how you always think a thief couldn’t be so stupid? Yeah, well how many times did these morons think it would take before Bellagio security figured out they were being scammed? 452 billion to 1? Yeah, let’s pay that out several times, we won’t get caught.

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