Addison Russell’s Wife Celebrates, Leebs With Lime & Indians World Series Tattoo Fail


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Now we get back to politics

Five days to go! World Series is over. The NFL is boring. Bama-LSU will only hold our attention for a few hours. Ahh, the election is here! How was it around Jacobs Field last night? It was weird. You had a start where Indians fans were instantly bummed out when Fowler went deep. There were all these ups and downs. The 3rd through 6th innings felt like they took two days to play. Then you had the insane ending where Indians fans felt like it was all over and then Rajai Davis saves the day. Then the rains. Then the Cubs go nuts again in the 10th. One other observation before I take a nap: Cubs fans inside Jacobs Field. You couldn’t tell which team did something good the crowd was that split. Good for the Indians fans who sold their tickets. These people have paid a fortune for booze, parking, pizza, etc. over the last several months. Give them a break.

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