Brandon Jennings on D’Angelo Russell: “I Don’t Respect a Snitch”


d'angelo russell brandon jennings snitch

The Cavaliers and Warriors might’ve been the story during last year’s NBA season, but off the court, we all know nothing could hold a candle to the drama in Lakerland involving D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young.

As you all probably remember, Russell secretly recorded Swaggy P talking about his side pieces and sent his relationship with then-fiancée Iggy Azalea into a death spiral. The two have somehow reconciled and are starting for the Lakers, but not everyone is ready to give him a pass.

Knicks guard Brandon Jennings randomly let his feelings be known today on Twitter:

Jennings ended up deleting the tweet, but adding that snitch speaks volumes to how some players in the league probably view D-Lo.

Relive the Russell-Swaggy P Drama

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