Stephen A. Smith Destroys D’Angelo Russell For Outing Nick Young

Stephen A Smith D'Angelo Russell Nick Young Video

For once you should listen to what Stephen A. Smith has to say about the D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young case where Russell outed his teammate admitting to having side pieces and then he leaked the secret video. Stephen A. is totally right on this one — it’s a maturity issue with Russell.

This is the N….B….A. You’re supposed to be boys. You’re supposed to be in the fraternity and keep things in the locker room. You’re not supposed to get yourself involved in business that’s not yours, especially with a camera. “Shut the hell up, mind your own business,” Stephen A. said.

Totally right. Turn off the phone. Get the hell out of the way. Pretend you never heard what came out of Nick Young’s mouth. And now Iggy Azalea is Team D’Angelo.

Here’s the Nick Young Video secretly recorded by D’Angelo Russell:

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