76ers Fan Says Russell Westbrook Made Fun of His Weight

Last night, 76ers fan Richard Harkaway, a urologist, became a Philadelphia hero after he stepped up to Russell Westbrook and flipped the double bird.

I personally thought this was just another case of a Philly fan living up to the stereotype, but according to a statement he gave to Philly.com, he only took the low road after Russ called him fat:

“As a part-time comedian I realize that my words and actions are sometimes inappropriate,” Harkaway said in a statement to Philly.com issued by a personal representative. “In this instance, after standing up to boo and being provoked by Russell Westbrook calling attention to my being overweight, my action in response was clearly inexcusable and I am embarrassed. I sincerely apologize to my fellow Sixers fans, the Sixers organization, my colleagues and patients, and to Mr. Westbrook for my behavior.”

The article notes Harkaway owns his own practice, so yeah, this is just some damage control on his part. Though we suspect most people in town weren’t too pissed about it.

Give it to Russ, Richard!


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