Dancing Kevin Sheds 161 Pounds, Shows Off At Blue Jackets Opener


Dancing Kevin, known for shakin’ all of it at Columbus Blue Jackets games during TV timeouts, made his 2016-17 debut last night and he was looking a whole lot different thanks to one of the most incredible transformations you’re going to see. Dancing Kevin is down 161 pounds since January 28 and has been documenting his journey from what doctors advised him would be a fairly certain early death to the Dancing Kevin who showed up last night with a whole lot less real estate around the belly.

He wrote on Facebook:

It was an unbelievable evening tonight @nationwidearena. I am so #honoredand #grateful that the @bluejacketsnhl shared a #video tribute of my#healthjourney tonight on the Jumbotron. I cannot say thank you enough for everything they have done for me and the unbelievable support from them and the #wearethe5thline. You guys are the best #fans in the entire world and because of you I was able to accomplish this. #Hockey fans are the best!

I grew up with Dancing Kevin Schroeder. We grew up in the same small town which means you pretty much grow up with anyone +/- 5 years older or younger. My brother is more Kevin’s age, but we all kinda knew each other one way or the other. The town had 5,000 residents. You know the family history of nearly everyone in town.

I remember the first time I saw Dancing Kevin videos start to pop up on the Internet, but I didn’t know Dancing Kevin was the Kevin I knew from my childhood. Then he started popping up on Facebook messages from more and more people from the hometown. The it clicked, Dancing Kevin had just put on a bunch of weight from the old days.

Then things really started to get nuts as more and more media outlets started to show him crushing dance routine after dance routine. Then it all came tumbling down at the beginning of this year when Kevin

It appears there’s going to be a lot less canvas thanks to an incredible workout regimen that Dancing Kevin has been attacking since January. You can go back and see the journey on a Facebook page where he’s been documenting the good and bad of the weight loss.


Dancing Kevin in the old days

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