Fitz Loses NYC Stripper Vote: Mr. Harvard's Days Are Numbered, Ladies Want Geno

A Smart Man that I didn’t know once told me late one night in a darkened club: “Once you lose the stripper vote there’s no hope for you in New York City.” That was years ago and then it started happening. Players started disappearing. Coaches got fired. The Smart Man was right! The strippers were spot-on. There’s no segment of the working class that knows athletes better than strippers. They know when things aren’t right. They know when a guy is done. They know when it’s over.
They know Mr. Harvard Ryan Fitzmagic is finished. His time is up and now the ladies at Hoops Cabaret (next door to Rick’s Cabaret) are calling for Todd Bowles to do the right thing and end the Fitz era.
From the Hoops Cabaret news division:

Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar in New York City is being called “the sexiest sports bar ever.” It combines the fun of a sports bar with the excitement of a gentlemen’s club. The three-story club was packed with NY Jets fans watching Monday night’s game, and they were not happy with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s performance.
“It’s time to bench Fitzpatrick and bring in Geno Smith,” proclaimed Hoops Cabaret Girl Kimmie. “As a show of support, I am wearing Geno’s #7 jersey—and, of course, stripping out of it.”
Hoops Cabaret Girl Kendra agreed. “Geno should start the next game.”
But Hoops Cabaret Girl Ivy disagreed. “I am wearing Ryan Fitzpatrick’s jersey proudly. Let’s give him a chance. I don’t like to point fingers, but let’s face it he has had no support from the offensive line this year.”

I don’t want to be Debbie Downer to Ivy, but Fitzpatrick has a 63.4 QB rating, good for 44th place in the NFL. Browns QB Cody Kessler is at 93.8 with about 100 fewer pass attempts, but still. How bad is Fitzpatrick? 5 touchdown passes to 11 INTs. Can’t get much worse than that. His QB rating is the worst in the NFL amongst starters.
The bad news here is that just two years ago at least one customer at Vivid Cabaret was calling for a stripper to lose her Geno Smith jersey. It’s just a huge dumpster fire right now in NY.
By the way, get over to Hoops Cabaret. The weather’s going to start going to hell here soon and I hear the new place is insane. Tell them Busted Coverage sent you.

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