NYC Strip Club Customer To Stripper: Lose The Geno Smith Halloween Costume

Need more proof Geno Smith is done in New York? Our friends at Vivid Cabaret New York sent word late last night that the club’s Halloween party was running smoothly until one of the strippers decided to become a buzzkill and walk out on the floor wearing a Geno jersey and helmet. Nothing ruins a party for New Yorkers like the sight of a jersey belonging to a guy who has thrown seven touchdowns and 10 INTs.
The Vivid team explains what happened:

The costumes worn at Friday night’s Halloween party ranged from sexy French Maids to Naughty Schoolgirls. Some of the sexy Vivid Cabaret NYC girls stripped out of their favorite athlete’s uniforms: Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony, Jose Reyes, Masahiro Tanaka and others.
Alas, one beautiful Vivid Cabaret NYC girl had to change her outfit early in the evening. “Kimmie,” an alluring auburn haired beauty, was wearing NY Jets QB Geno Smith’s #7 jersey.
“I like Geno and the Jets and I had his jersey and a Jets helmet as my costume,” she said. “But when people saw my outfit they were telling me how bad Geno is and making fun of him and the Jets.”
“A Wall Street guy seated in the VIP Ultra Lounge said he would give me a huge tip if I took off the Geno Smith costume, which I did. But he meant not to put it back on. He gave me more money to select a new costume, so I spent the rest of the night wearing and stripping out of a schoolgirl outfit,” she explained.
“I feel bad for the Jets playing so bad, and I have to admit Geno Smith hasn’t done well. What number is Matt Simms?” she asked.

You can’t really blame Wall Street guy. You’re there to party, enjoy a crazy Halloween party where strippers are hanging from a 26-foot pole (tallest stripper pole in NYC!) and up walks Kimmie. You’re instantly launched back to Geno Smith failures. You start thinking of the 31 career INTs Geno has thrown in 24 games.
There’s only one way to resurrect the party. Rid yourself of Geno.
Vivid Cabaret is the New York home of the world famous Vivid Adult Movie Stars and the sister club to Rick’s Cabaret NYC, which is located just four blocks away.



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