Meet Blue Jays Fan Natalie Gauvreau



We used to do this thing on BC where we’d find the hottest fans of teams in the playoffs and then post about that fan, create a little buzz for that woman and the game. Then, at some point, we started to get away from that format because there was a new wave of BC readers who’re so sensitive to a hot chick being posted on a blog. There’s a whole new generation of readers who literally get all nervous that there’s a hot chick on a website. You been to Playboy lately? They have literally scrubbed the entire site of hot chicks.

The one thing I’ve learned over the nearly nine years since I started BC, it’s that when the Internet heads in one direction, you head in the other. That’s the BC way and it has worked so far.

That brings us to Natalie Gauvreau – Toronto Blue Jays fan. She’s our ALCS Game 4 Girl. That bad news for Toronto is that the Jays are down 3-0. The good news is that I made an editorial decision to bring back the playoff girls. That means you get to meet Natalie, a Canadian native who was raised five hours north of Toronto (example: North Bay, Ontario is four hours north and it’s in the middle of nowhere), says in her bio that she eats “everything and anything” and “in high school I got sent to the principals office daily for violating the stupid dress code!”

Now she has nearly a million IG followers and a modeling career.

More from Natalie’s bio:

• Favorite shows: All the Real housewives shows, The Bachelor

• Loves getting massaged

• Florida Panthers fan

• Has enough onscreen experience to have an IMdB page

NatalieSNG – IG

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