Blue Jays Fans Fighting Blue Jays Fans At Game 3 Of ALCS


You know how much enjoyment I’m getting watching the Blue Jays take L after L after L in the ALCS? I can’t stop enjoying it and laughing. And this is coming from a Reds fan who definitely doesn’t want the Indians to prosper because then Cleveland jerkoffs just continuously run their mouths. Yes, I’m rooting for Cubs-Indians in the Series and a Cubs win. I want the Indians to be the team with the longest streak.

That said, I can’t help but enjoy Canada imploding before our eyes. The good ol Canadians who love nothing more than to lecture Americans on their behavior just imploding before our eyes. Throwing beer bottles onto the field. Making embarrassing signs to attempt to rattle the Indians. Lecturing the Indians on their mascot.

And last night…the ultimate implode. Blue Jays fans throwing bombs at each other in what appears to be the 100 level seats. Dropping f-bombs (dirty…dirty mouths…you’re better than this Canada) on each other. Acting like animals.

Hasn’t been a good week, Canada. One more L and you can start caring about the Leafs and producing more Property Brothers & Holmes Makes It Right episodes.

So sad:

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