Mets Fan Blows A Gasket After Hillbilly Madison Bumgarner Closes Out Wild Card



I’m told — because I watched SportsCenter after the N.L. Wild Card game — that the Mets overcame lots of injuries during the season and somehow weathered that storm to make it to last night’s game, which they lost on a 3-run dong from a guy who has 31 career jacks in seven years of service.

That’s the playoffs for you. Just never know when a guy is going to go from a nobody to statue material.¬†Conor Gillaspie is now a household name to Giants fans who are acting like they knew this guy would be the difference in the Wild Card game. Throw in yet another dominant performance from hillbilly Madison Bumgarner and you have the recipe for yet another run out of the Giants, who now get the Cubs in the NLDS.

Add it all up and Mets fan lost his mind after the hillbilly closed it down in the 9th.

Why you gotta ask me all these hard questions, Buster

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