Hey Canada, Stop Being Assholes At Sporting Events & Stop Lecturing Us In The U.S. On How To Behave

There’s nothing I enjoy more than when Canada fucks up in some capacity like the guy throwing the beer during the ALDS. Canada Man being Canada Man…something we’re told doesn’t happen at sporting events because Canadians are so respectful and so much nicer than those asshole Americans who act like complete savages and are so disgusting. (Should I go back and get the video of the Blue Jays guy puking like a goddamn animal in the 100 level?)
Don’t go acting like you’re too good to be assholes, you smarmy Canadian assholes. I know better.
And don’t tell me it’s just Toronto where the rare asshole sports fan resides. Let’s go out to to the Vancouver area where a rival fan threw a cup of coffee into the face of the opposing team’s quarterback at a Canadian Junior Football League game.

The Oct. 15 game between the Westshore Rebels and Vancouver Island Raiders was in the second half when police were called to Westhills Stadium at around 9 p.m. Officers arrested an intoxicated 22-year-old Colwood man, a Rebels fan who had thrown his coffee into the face of a Raiders quarterback.
“This disgraceful act was apparently motivated by a bet with the suspect’s friends,” West Shore RCMP spokesman Const. Alex Berube said in a statement. The man faces an assault charge and has been released from custody on a promise to appear in court Dec. 29, and has also been banned from Westhills Stadium.

Underlined for emphasis. Drunk Canadian. Made a bet with a friend.
If that behavior happened in the U.S. and made it to the Canadian press, they’d have a field day with that kind of news. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR AGAIN BY DISGRACEFUL AMERICAN…ONCE AGAIN AMERICA IS FULL OF ANIMALS…I’M SO DISGUSTED TO SHARE A CONTINENT WITH THOSE PEOPLE.
How about a mugshot? I can’t get a mugshot of this thug?

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