Blue Jays Fan Puking Perfectly Good Nacho Cheese & Beer [VIDEO]



Do we really need to keep telling you guys that Blue Jays fan is the greatest baseball fan in professional baseball? If it’s not clear by now that BC has been on Blue Jays’ fan’s bandwagon for like four years, you aren’t a BC regular. (2013 highlights include: handjob guys, Andy Warhol)

Think back to the Great Recession years. Blue Jays fan got crazier by the year. Combine cheap tickets and the youth of Toronto and you have the perfect combination for a fanbase to overtake Phillies fan.

And then we get Blue Jays Puker.

There is one video that defines Blue Jays Nation – this one posted on Sunday. The Blue Jays finished off an opening homestand with a 13-0 loss to Boston and one great puke.

Your move, Phillies fan.

[HT: Guyism]

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