Raiders Fans Crush A 66 Person Shot Ski



Raiders fans are a bunch of damn savages and I love it. Their team may have been awful for the last, I don’t know, 12-13 years? Basically, they’ve been terrible since the 2003 Super Bowl. Guess what, though? That doesn’t stop them from tailgating their faces off. Every Raiders home game we have quality tailgating content to post here.

Today is no different. No, it’s not a fight video or a mannequin bong, but it’s close. How about a 66 person shot ski, for you? We see these shot ski’s at tailgates all over the the country, but we’ve never seen an army of alcoholics like this before. 66 people lined up to take a shot of cheap ass liquor (probably) is something you don’t see at your everyday tailgate.


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