Drunk LSU Fan Arrested After Assaulting 3 Emergency Rooms Workers


It was all good for LSU this past Saturday as they mauled Southern Miss by the score of 45-10. But the good vibes didn’t last very long for LSU fan Michael Curry, who was hit with three counts of battery after going off on some ER workers.

According to WAFB.com, Curry was taken to the emergency room super tanked, and caused some ruckus when an employee tried to get a urine sample:

The police report states Michael Curry, 20, of Mandeville, was brought into the emergency room drunk from the LSU vs. Southern Miss game on Saturday, October 15. One victim says she was hit in the back of the head repeatedly with closed fists after asking Curry for a urine sample and had bruising on her scalp.

Another victim says she was forcefully pushed by Curry when she attempted to stop him from from hitting her co-worker. A third victim says she was kicked and punched in the EMS unit in the parking lot upon arrival at the emergency room.

Honestly with that mug, we’re a little surprised no one at the hospital tried to get in some shots of their own.