NC State Kicker Gets Crushed On Twitter After Missing Game Winning Field Goal



College kickers have it rough, especially in this social media age. The problem is that most of them suck at their jobs. That’s just a fact, and not at all a shot at Kyle Bambard here. The majority of kickers in college football are not good at making field goals.

So of course, after Kyle Bambard missed that game winning field goal to knock off #3 Clemson, the Twittersphere went bananas and flooded his mentions.

This stuff always happens after moments like this, but you can’t avoid it. Yes, these people are assholes, but if he makes the field goal like he’s supposed to, this doesn’t happen. That’s just the way of the world. I don’t expect Kyle to complain about this and I’m not going to do it for him.

[h/t Orlando Brandon]



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