Indians Fan Sweeps Red Sox In Front Of Patriots Fans At A Browns Tailgate

I know that there’s a lot happening in that headline and well, that’s because there’s a lot happening in Cleveland today. Let’s break it down: at 1pm, Tom Brady returns from his suspension to take on the Browns and just after that game ends at around 4pm, the Indians will look to sweep the Red Sox back in Boston. So we have a full day of Cleveland vs Boston madness and the Muni Lot is going to be the cesspool where all that blood is boiled.
Brady most likely is going to rip through the Browns today because they’re the Browns, but Cleveland fans still have the MLB playoffs to hang their hat on. That’s why this guy is walking around with two red socks attached to a broom and shoving right in Pats fans’ faces.

Make sure you stay up with the site today because the Browns tailgate scene is going to be wild.


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Browns-Buckeyes Tailgate Motorhome For Sale — $4,900
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