Fat Penn State Kicker Joey Julius Takes A Cheap Shot, Minnesota Player Gets Ejected

We love Joey Julius here at BC. He’s Penn State’s kicker, he’s a freaking hoss and he lays the wood like Sean Taylor on kickoffs. Here’s an example:

There’s nothing better than a fat kicker and when the same guy goes down the field and makes plays like linebacker, well that’s how you become an internet superstar.
The only problem is, now everyone is out for blood. Every kickoff people are looking for Fat Joey and looking to take his head off so they can avoid the embarrassment. That’s exactly what happened today. This scumbag on Minnesota made it his duty to take out Joey, even after he bombed the ball deep into the end zone.

Obviously, he got ejected and rightfully so. I’ve had my words about Penn State and their fans, but nobody goes after Joey Julius on my watch or there’s going to be a fight.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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