Scumbag Penn State Fans Gave A Standing Ovation To Joe Paterno After His Tribute Video

Yep, you read that headline right. A stadium full of delusional, brain washed scumbags actually gave a standing ovation to a guy who knew about, and completely disregarded, countless kids that were sexually abused under his watch. All under the guise of the “commitment he had to student-athletes and academics”. GTFO.
I guess I’ll just never understand Penn State fans. I don’t care how much he did for the school and the program, he let that piece of shit Sandusky get away with touching kids and ruining their lives for 30+ years and did NOTHING about it.

Not only that, he didn’t even face the consequences. He just died instead. Joe Pa knew he was in deep shit, so he just died to avoid it.
He’s a terrible person and everyone who stood after that tribute at Beaver Stadium should rot in hell.

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