RGIII Showering His Girlfriend With Love on Instagram


Robert Griffin grete sadeiko

Danny the Intern absolutely loathes Robert Griffin’s steady stream of social media love notes to his FSU girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko. But the pageviews don’t lie, when RGIII starts tweeting/Instagramming from the heart, you guys pay attention.

After a horrible Wednesday of Browns news (Josh Gordon arrest warrant, Corey Coleman broken hand), RGIII took to The Gram to let everyone know that they shouldn’t be afraid to feel love:

To be honest, the Estonian love is still my personal favorite.

Grete also threw up her own post with Robert, because these two are clearly a tandem that can’t be stopped:

RGIII says what we’re all thinking — #alwaysmatching:


[Grete Sadeiko- IG]

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