Josh Gordon Hit With Arrest Warrant in Paternity Case

If you’re waiting for Josh Gordon to boost your fantasy team, we have some good news — he hasn’t been popped for weed again! The bad news: a warrant was issued for his arrest after he reportedly ignored subpoenas regarding a paternity case.
The details from

The case stems from a complaint made in juvenile court from Christina Lockhart of Maple Heights, who says Gordon is the father of her now 1-year-old daughter.
Lockhart filed the complaint July 2, 2015, saying no one else is presumed to be the father, other than Gordon.
Lockhart is on public welfare and is seeking child support from Gordon, according to the complaint filed by Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Kira Kittoe Krivosh.
Subpoenas were sent to Gordon in Los Angeles, and several Cleveland addresses. Gordon never responded to them, according to court records.

The report adds Gordon was supposed to give a DNA sample by Sep. 25 (2015) but that obviously didn’t happen.
We’re sure this is the distraction the Browns wanted after weeks of dealing with injuries to Robert Griffin and Josh McCown.

Apparently he’s still on track to return against the Pats:

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