Ohio State DE Jalyn Holmes Flaunts “Basic Defense” Sign After Beating Oklahoma


Oh, it’s going to be a rough one for Austin Kendall. You may remember earlier in the week when the true freshman quarterback somehow made his way onto a local Oklahoma TV station and started running his mouth about Ohio State’s defense.

He’s thrown 15 passes in his career and he had the nuts to say that OSU runs a “basic defense” and that Baker Mayfield would “light them up”.

Well, that didn’t happen. Baker Mayfield threw 2 picks, one being a pick six, and Ohio State went into Norman and stomped them. So naturally, after the game Jalyn Holmes grabbed a fan’s sign reading “Basic Defense” and waltzed all over Oklahoma’s field with it.

I think next time the true freshman should keep his mouth shut.



[h/t The Spun]

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