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Sooners Backup Says Baker Mayfield Will Light Up Ohio State’s Defense…IT’S ON NOW PUNK


Oklahoma true freshman backup quarterback Austin Kendall, who grew up a Buckeyes fan (might deny it via the story in the Tulsa World, but the tweets speak for themselves), went ahead and gave the Ohio State defense all the disrespect it needed headed into Norman for Saturday’s game against Baker Mayfield.

The quote is quite simple and should fit nicely on the bulletin board: “”I think they have a really basic defense. Baker – he’ll light them up. I’m really looking forward to it, and if my number’s called, I think I can do the same.”

Annnnnddddd that’s all it took to get Buckeyes fans fired up for this game.

There’s a story this week in the Tulsa World explaining how Austin’s mother and father grew up about six miles from The Shoe and how dad has been to three Buckeyes national title games as a fan. In the same story we get this nugget: Did Austin Kendall instantly become an Ohio State fan through his family’s hometown ties? No. The couple attended the University of Georgia and Austin grew up more of a Bulldogs fan.

Sounds like someone’s trying to go all in on the Ohio State disrespect, especially since Austin left a Twitter trail from his high school days.





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