Bad News For Erin Andrews … Samantha Ponder Gave Birth To A Girl



In what has to be another kick to Erin Andrews’ Probiotics-filled stomach, it was announced this week that Samantha Ponder has given birth to a baby girl that was named Bowden Sainte-Claire. That’s right, the girl was named after Bobby Bowden, CP7’s college coach.

That is the second major sideline reporter personal news of the month that must have Pageviews reeling. You might remember that Jenny Dell showed off a massive rock that was dropped on her finger by Red Sox 3B Will Middlebrooks. Now this Ponder baby news.

Then you have Pageviews who is literally begging Jarret Stoll to marry her. Like, openly going to the media and saying the engagement ball is in Stolly’s court. Pageviews paved the way for these other sideline reporters. She was the first one. They’re piggybacking off her hard work and now they’re cashing in on the social side and Pageviews is still stuck as the 36-year-old sideline reporter who isn’t married and is begging her boyfriend to give her a ring. This has to hurt.

“I’ve definitely dropped hints here and there,” she said. “But we haven’t looked at rings. … Nothing there yet, the ball’s in his court,” she added laughing. “But no we are fine! We’ve had enough on our plate for the last two years of dating and haven’t really gone there yet.”


And then Ponder goes and names a baby after Bobby Bowden. Now Pageviews can’t go to that route by naming her child Spurrier (she went to Florida and never passes up the opportunity to praise Steve). Just wouldn’t look right.

For those asking, no, I had no idea Ponder was pregnant or I would’ve purchased a baby shower gift. The lovely couple wasn’t registered on The Bump.

It also should be noted that if you’re a woman looking to marry an athlete, just become a sideline reporter. That seems to be the easiest way right now.