Belgian Sailor Sick After Competing in Polluted Guanabara Bay

Evi Van Acker Belgian sailor sick rio

This week, the Internet has been abuzz over the green diving and water polo pools at the Rio Olympics. Officials have claimed the water is safe for competition, but they obviously can’t say the same about the venues for sailing and rowing.

In fact, the waters of Guanabara Bay have apparently taken their toll on Belgian sailor Evi Van Acker, who reportedly felt sick after racing on Wednesday.

The AP notes that her coach told Belgian media she got sick while training in Rio last month:

“Evi caught a bacteria in early July that causes dysentery,” coach Wil Van Bladel said. “Doctors say this can seriously disrupt energy levels for three months. It became clear yesterday that she lacked energy during tough conditions. She could not use full force for a top condition. … The likelihood that she caught it here during contact with the water is very big.”

The good news is that Van Acker is the lone participant to have fallen ill… thus far, at least.

Van Acker took home a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Games in London, but she’ll have to tough it out in Rio if she wants to get on the podium.

The water of the Rio Olympics