There Is A Steaming Stream Of Shit 50 Yards From Olympic Athlete Village

Rio Olympics sewage video

Ahh, the Rio Olympics are going to be a shitshow – literally. AP Sports Writer Stephen Wade is out looking for stories today in Rio and found this glorious stream of shit flowing about 50 yards from the athlete village where about 11,000 athletes, coaches and support staff are scheduled to stay for two weeks or longer through the Games.

And Stephen’s not kidding. He definitely smells shit in that stream. “Stench included,” he tweeted today.

Not making it up. Open sewer — stench included — 50 meters from Rio Olympic athletes village. #RoadToRio 10 days.

— Stephen Wade (@StephenWadeAP) July 26, 2016

You already knew the Rio Olympics were going to be a disaster after all the issues that have popped up, but now nations are starting to speak out about the horrible conditions. Australia won’t stay in the athlete village apartments because the toilets won’t flush and the electric is spotty.

The Australian Olympics team refused to stay at the Olympic Village. Here's why:

— AJ+ (@ajplus) July 26, 2016

From the Herald-Sun in Australia:

Australia has arranged for Monday’s first arrivals, including canoeing star Jessica Fox and boxer Shelley Watts, to stay in hotels due to major safety issues in the athletes’ village including sewage flowing into showers.

The locals know there’s shit everywhere. Don’t trust the AP guy, trust the locals on this story.

I like this Rio resident USA Today interviewed about sewage in the Olympic waters

— Zoë Schlanger (@zoeschlanger) July 26, 2016

Here’s a bunch of shit flowing out of Olympic Park:

Ontem, eu estive no Parque Olímpico e registrei a situação do sistema de esgoto, lançado diretamente na lagoa.

— Felipe Pena (@felipepena) July 24, 2016