It's Great To Hear LeBron Drop A Fun F-bomb On Vacation

What’s LeBron up to while his boys are in Rio at the Olympics battling their hearts out for a gold medal against the world? He’s on some $50 million or so ship with his other friends enjoying summer. LeBron’s also busy working on his IG story game.
And his game is at an A+ level right now. The guy is so loose on this trip that he’s dropping f-bombs and not even deleting the video. That’s super relaxed. I’m talking the video has been up for 20 hours and LeBron still didn’t delete it.
Fuck it.

This guy is just enjoying life to the fullest right now. He put the Larry in the Cavs trophy case. All the pressure in the world is off his shoulders and he can let f-bombs fly without repercussions in the media from those who are easily offended.
You got it Josh. Fuck it. Make it happen.
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