Johnny Manziel Is Happy For Josh Gordon And Has Decided What Team He Wants To Play For

Sober Johnny is getting back into the club game with this being the second time we know he’s been out this week. Yes, I’m still calling him Sober Johnny because I believe him. Like Joe said earlier this week, he did admit he isn’t quitting alcohol forever so it isn’t crazy to see him hitting the night life here and there. I still believe he’s committed to a comeback.
This is the first time TMZ has caught him since Josh Gordon was reinstated and Johnny is clearly happy for him. Also, he’s decided what team he wants to play for (sorry, Pittsburgh) and it’s none other than the Dallas Cowboys.

And of course it is. It’s a perfect fit. Next year, when teams ciricle back to sign QB’s, Johnny will be waiting there for Jerry jones as Tony Romo put another year under his belt. It’s the marriage we all want.


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