Marcus Vick Shows Off Speed, Sprints from Police

Marcus Vick Police
Pull up an old scouting report of former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick and you’ll find plenty of praise for his athleticism — like this one from Football’s Future:

Vick is an awesome athlete. His quickness, agility, and straightline speed are all excellent. He brings a lot of versatility to the field. His athletic gifts give him the ability to play wide receiver, and he did at times during his stay at Va Tech.

That analysis may be ancient now, but it looks like Marcus still has the gift. He showed off the “quickness, agility, and straightline speed” in a video where he evaded police after being questioned:
Absolute clinic by Marcus — it’s just too bad he flamed out and was eventually captured.
TMZ has more details about the incident:

TMZ Sports has obtained insane footage of ex-NFL quarterback Marcus Vick — Michael Vick’s brother — literally running from cops during an incident back in April … before being captured at gunpoint.
It all started at a gym in Newport News, Virginia — when cops were questioning the 32-year-old about a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a civil case.
Vick spoke with cops for nearly 10 minutes before suddenly deciding to make a run for it — shoving 2 cops out of the way, breaking tackles — and SPRINTING down the street.

As for what Marcus is up to in the present, there’s nothing too big — just accusing LeSean McCoy of giving his girl herpes…

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