Johnny Manziel Shows Up At Training Camp…Just Kidding…He Was At The Club Last Night

What was sober Johnny Manziel doing Wednesday night while 100 or so NFL quarterbacks (who’ll make a roster) were reporting to camp or preparing to report to camp? He was tearing up the Warick LA lounge with his Los Angeles friends at a party that included¬†Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich, Kendra Wilkinson and Joel Embiid among others.
In other words, Johnny’s likely staying true to his declaration that he’s not going sober for life. There will be club nights here and there.
So that’s what it looks like. This is the official end of the Manziel era in the NFL. I wondered how he would handle the start of training camp.¬†Doesn’t look much different than the rest of his summer.

The Twitter trolls who’ve been spamming with Manziel to the Steelers rumors have been squashed. Johnny’s not going anywhere. The L.A. club scene seems to be the new phase in his life. It was a fun ride while it lasted.
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