Cleveland Browns Tailgate Camper For Sale — $2,000


Browns camper

If you’re a Browns fan who still needs to settle your tailgate plans for the upcoming season, you might want to check out the Dawg Pound Mobile above.

Yes, it sucks that it’s a camper that needs to be hauled around, but you can’t deny the allure of that Browns paint job. At $2,000, it’s potentially a better option than a shoddy bus or RV that could break down on you.

Details from the current owner:

* ATTENTION BROWNS FANS* We are selling our dawg pound mobile. It is a 1977 wide world TT 27ft camper. We tore out the fridge and beds to make it lighter to hall to and from the Muni Lot every Sunday. Is being stored at a secure lot if you would like to take a look. Please text not call.

The lack of fridge and beds is definitely rough, but maybe a look inside will quell your fears:

Ah yes, Browns “greats” Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow!


Good use of old trading cards:


Looks like there’s a bathroom, at least:


Your kitchen area sans fridge:




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