Gronk Leading A Zumba Class, Another Curry Dad Shoe & Deion On Vacation

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Is anyone actually excited for these Olympics?

I woke up this morning to get on my weekend grind and saw the USA basketball team stomped Argentina last night in an exhibition game, and it got me thinking how unexcited I am for these Olympics. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that Rio is a complete shitshow right now or not, but I’m just not as amped about 2016 as I was for ’08 and ’12. Two weeks out before the last two games and I was in full patriot mode ready to fill up my DVR with hours of coverage, but this time I’m just not feeling it. Maybe that’ll change between now and opening ceremonies. I’ll say this though, Twitter is going to be fantastic during it.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo

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