Katherine Webb IS BACK, LeBron Spotted In Durham & SEC Couple Hits The Lake

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End of an era today in Vegas

Glitter Gulch closes its doors today for good. Mermaids will do the same. So will La Bayou. If you’re a fan of ‘old’ Vegas, today is another kick to the balls. A new hotel/casino will go up in their place. You really never lived until you were 21 and ended up in Glitter Gulch. You just had to see what it was like in that place. Yes, it only got 1-star on Vegas.com and 2-stars on Yelp, but these are the type of places you’re never getting back. A review from Vegas.com: “They are there to loot you. A lots hidden charge, very unfriendly hosting . If you really believe me, never ever visit there. Its a total waste of time and money.”

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Argentina: Has not won a senior national team title since the 1993 Copa América