Our Old Friends Brian Hartline & Kara Conard Got Married

Brian Hartline wedding

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you about Brian Hartline marrying his longtime girlfriend Kara Conard this weekend in Columbus. These two have been dating for like 10 years, have accounted for what feels like hundreds of BC posts and are the couple who bought a photo of themselves playing beer pong on one of their vacations.

Hartline, who turns 30 in November, was released by the Browns this fall and it appears the end of the road is here for his football career. That’s the perfect time to get married and get on with the rest of life. It’s the Jeter method.

There’s not much to report from the wedding. Looks like it was a small gathering of friends and family. Looks like Hartline gave 110%. Hustled to the altar. Possession receivers lock in the arm and walk their wives back down that aisle as Mrs. Possession Receiver.

(Don’t worry about the Hartlines now that football’s done…Kara’s an RN & Brian will be signing mall autographs around Ohio the rest of his life. He’ll probably get a TV job, commercial deals from some car dealership and insurance companies.)

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