My QB Looks Relaxed & Ready To Win A Super Bowl For Cincinnati

Andy Dalton Wife Hawaii Photos
My QB Andy Dalton and his wife, Jordan…or JJ, are tearing up Hawaii right now as my QB gets some rest and relaxation before the run begins to Houston and the first Super Bowl title for the Bengals. I still blame this guy for f-ing up at the end of 2015 and costing the Bengals a No. 1 seed & what could’ve been that magical year when it all feel into place.
Alas, he broke his thumb or whatever the injury was when he tried to play defensive tackle and was knocked out for the year. Now Peyton Manning is gone. Tom Brady’s offensive line could still be a problem spot and Roethlisberger supposedly lost a bunch of weight so he should be easier to bring down.

Anyway, My QB is in Hawaii with the wife getting in that last vacation before it’s time to move back to Cincinnati and hunker down. Marvin Jones and Sanu are gone. Tyler Eifert won’t be ready for Week 1. It’s time for Carrot to step up and will the Bengals to the AFC title game. And then he’ll have to get over that Patriots hump.
Rest up, it’s almost go time.
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