Brian Hartline & Girlfriend Get Great Beer Pong Souvenier From Antigua


The last time I really paid attention to Brian Hartline, he was bending over his then-girlfriend, Lindsay, in some Ohio State apartment. We called it his draft preparation and figured the guy would flame out of the NFL in a couple season.

Here we are in 2013 and Hartline is with a different girlfriend, Kara Conard (@karaconard), and Instagramming bikini photos from an Antigua vacation (thanks to our friends at @ThunderTreats for the tip). Keep in mind that Hartline recently signed a 5-year, $31 million contract. Antigua time!

(Antigua must do great marketing to NFL players. Remember earlier in the week when we found Jimmy Clausen & Golden Tate with their girlfriends? They were in Antigua.)

The big news from the Hartline-Conard trip was the souvenir that Harts brought back to the States. The prized treasure would be a photo of the two playing beer pong at the Sandals resort.


Sure, he might pull dbag moves like buying a beer pong photo in Antigua, but the hot girlfriend thing eases this case of douchebaggery.

Expect more great things to come from #82.