Gilbert Arenas Can’t Wait to Throw Nick Young a Breakup Party


Gilbert Arenas NIck Young

You’re not going to believe this, but Nick Young’s relationship with Iggy Azalea couldn’t prevail past that whole secret tape scandal. (Thanks, D’Angelo.) But Nick’s got nothing to worry about, as he has an old teammate willing to help him get through the rough times — Gilbert Arenas.

That’s right. Gilbert, who just won a ton of cash betting on the Cavs, took to Instagram Monday night to take a playful shot at Swaggy P and talk strip clubs:

As usual, Gilbert delivered with the caption:

Oh @swaggyp1 i guess u wont be invited to YO #bachelorparty either #gotdumped BUT dont worry nigha i got you…#bachleorparty just turned into #TheBreakUpParty at #Samsstripclub we about to be in there with a pocket full of (1’s) with no draws on Nick i know you gonna #RawDoggy a few PLAYA….sorry ladies but (having sex with a condom on is like,eating your favorite food with a balloon on your tongue🤔🤔u gonna get full but you AINT gonna taste SHIT) #HowWasMyPus*Y?(B!TCH i dont KNOW)💀💀💀 #DmYoVaginaPrices hahaha

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