Gilbert Arenas Bet $500K on the Cavs to Win It All

Anyone who watched that “Believeland” 30 for 30 is probably shying away from throwing money down on the Cavs out of fear of horrific defeats, injuries, Stephen Curry, etc. — but not Gilbert Arenas.
Gilbert apparently just realized LeBron and the Cavs are playing Toronto in the Eastern Conference Finals, and couldn’t be more ecstatic about their chances of going all the way. In fact, he claims to have dropped a measly $500,000 bet on them
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I just realized who #cavs were playing today lmaoooooo i just put $500k on #2016cavschamps..congrats #OHIO…while GS and OKC beat shit out of each…cavs are playing a first round team in the #easternconferanceFinals smdh sorry #toronto u have better chance seeing #obama get a 3rd term then beating the cavs hahahaha lets be honest UR last year #2014-2015 team would have blown this years toronto group out the building…#lowry #derozan, #ross and #drake will have to combine for 110 points to beat the cavs lmaoo #nobullshit drake has more of an impact on a game, then the rest of that team will hahaha FOOTBALL season must be near becuz my TV program says CAVS has a #byeweek….whoever cavs face in the CHIP will be #muthafuckntired UMMM can the NBA just replay LAST nights game tonight? i do not wanna see the Cavs play the D-League ALL-STARS tonight lmaoo i know they call themselves #The6 #realshit they just might NEED 6 players on the court at all times hahahaha

As expected, Gilbert has no chill, and it’s fantastic.
Oh, and he wasn’t done burying the Raptors after that post, either:
[protected-iframe id=”17adb5563e3927752b3b27b8809ce01d-22577676-53282995″ info=”” width=”500″ height=”580″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

#torontofans outside trying to figure out WHATS GOING ON..Mean While #CavsFan outside creating new dancing for the summer #WorkOut #WorkOut hahahaha how u gonna win a series and ur center goes by the name ( Biyombo) what is that in AMERICA #Bizmarkie?? I knew that was him…(u say hes just a friend,u say hes just a friend,OH CANADA YOU…got what #cavs Neeeed) (they treating the raptors like HOES..get alittle ASS and get out of there) hahahaha #cavFansLIT

Don’t worry about Gilbert if things go awry — he’s only made around $140 million during his NBA career.

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