Dennis Leebow Was A Foot Model, Danced On American Bandstand & Carries Lucky Limes

You guys had questions for Dennis ‘Leebs’ Leebow, the Cavs fan who is dominating the Internet today so I did the legwork and slid into his girlfriend Sierra Smebakken’s DMs to hear more about one of the most intriguing individuals I’ve ever come across in the nearly 9 years since starting Busted.
Two things stand out about a majority of the Leebs social media photos: the limes and the leg up like Captain Morgan. I’ve received multiple questions from BC readers who are just as intrigued as I am.



Let’s get to the conversation:

Leebs in the Captain Morgan pose:

The legendary Leebs feet:

The fucking legend just being Leebs…you better believe I’m going to start carrying limes. Like 12 at a time. I need all the luck I can get.

Now for the bad news…it sounds like Sierra is mad at me for a tweet where I referenced doing lines of coke off her ass on a Cleveland Cavs parade float here in 30 days or so. It was clearly a Wolf of Wall Street joke that Sierra didn’t get. That’s just how jacked up I am over the whole Leebs’ beat. I want to see this guy do things I’ll never do in life.
I’m living vicariously through Leebs and Sierra. They do cool shit and I sit at a computer desk all day. Of course I’m going to reference the craziest shit I can think of and I figured it would be cool to put Leebs and DiCaprio in the same realm.
You win some, you lose some. I’ll keep trying to patch up things with Sierra so they’ll jump on the radio for an interview. Stay tuned.
*The great news…Leebow’s taking the show to Toronto. I’ll be glued to my TV.

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Warriors vs. Thunder Game 2: Live Stream, Start Time & TV Channel
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