Meet Cavs Superfan Dennis Leebow & Girlfriend Sierra Smebakken

You might as well get used to the name Dennis Leebow, an eccentric Cavs superfan from Ohio who also spends time in Miami with his hot blonde girlfriend Sierra Smebakken, a North Dakota transplant who attends many Cavs games with her well-tanned multimillionaire steel magnate boyfriend who’s friends with LeBron and other teammates.
Sierra popped up on my radar during Game 1 tonight against the Raptors when she was spotted sitting behind the Raptors bench.
I was first told about Dennis by my buddy @WFNYScott from Waiting for Next Year while watching a February Cavs game at the Q. I seem to remember that Dennis was wearing a white fur that night and was pulling Sierra around the court while working on what looked to be vodka. The two have first row floor seats (next to Mav Carter) and I’m told there are other seats where Dennis is located because he interferes with the game.

Dennis started Majestic Steel in 1979 and the rest is history. This guy went all-in with the eccentric lifestyle. The blonde. The tan. The furs. The Cavs tickets. Just living the life you wish you could live as you work in that cubicle you hate.
The guy spent $15 million in 2015 on two Miami condos. This guy doesn’t play games when it comes to spending money living the life.

The Ohio Dennis Leebow house:


Now for some Dennis Leebow stories:

From a 2005 Wall Street Journal report on steel magnates:

Dennis Leebow, chief executive officer of Majestic Steel USA, a steel processor in Cleveland, has imported palm trees from Florida to give his estate a Miami Beach air. (The trees spend Cleveland winters in a greenhouse.)

Conclusion: Dennis is just the kind of guy who can make the Raptors-Cavs series worth watching at this point. I need more Dennis stories. No joke, I want to read his autobiography. I want to see what makes this guy tick. I want to hear more about what he spends his money on.
Please send more stories. These kind of guys make me look forward to coming to work in the morning. 
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Who Is The Blonde Behind The Raptors Bench In Cleveland?
Who Is The Blonde Behind The Raptors Bench In Cleveland?
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