Eyewitnesses: Dennis Leebow Was Ejected From Raptors-Cavs Game 1

Yes, Dennis ‘Leebs’ Leebow, the legendary Cavs fan tanned like a fine piece of leather I’ve been tweeting about for the last 12 hours or so, was ejected from Raptors-Cavs Game 1 Tuesday night and this wasn’t his first run-in with the cops & refs at a Cavs game, according to eyewitnesses who sent dispatches from the scene.
Leebs was with his girlfriend, Sierra Smebakken, a North Dakota transplant who hit it big in Miami by hooking up with Dennis. That’s the blonde trying to calm Leebs in his face-to-face with the fuzz.
For those of you who don’t know the story of Dennis Leebow, the steel magnate who is worth many, many millions and lives the high life, you can get caught up here.


So what went down last night at The Q:

Backstory: Leebs has multiple season tix to Cavs games, including seats next to Mav Carter.

This is just Leebs being Leebs:

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[Leebs & police pic from @GipThaRip]

Meet Cavs Superfan Dennis Leebow & Girlfriend Sierra Smebakken
Meet Cavs Superfan Dennis Leebow & Girlfriend Sierra Smebakken
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