Buy This Cleveland Browns Tailgate RV —$450

If you’re a Browns fan who wants replicate the team’s rebuilding process in the tailgate game, now is your chance.
The 1979 Dodge Browns RV above is on sale for just $450! Why so low? Oh, no big reason other than the engine blew out and it has to be towed out. But looking beyond that fact, it’s actually a pretty nice ride.
Details from the seller:

1979 Browns RV. Was used for many fun tailgating parties at the Muni Lot. Engine died and was removed and is selling as it without engine. $450.00 OBO. Great for a handy Browns fan who has time to place new engine or make into a awesome pull behind trailer! Tires are in fair condition. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TOW IT OUT.

Assuming you drop a couple thousand for a new engine, the end cost of the rebuild really isn’t that bad — nothing else needs to be renovated here.
If you’re wondering, we usually see Browns rides on the market for around $5,000 and up, so this could be a deal.

A look around

Nice couch:

Side panel decor:

Field turf on the ceiling for some reason:

And the counter:

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