Katherine McCarron Sends Thanks For The Butt Paste

We’ve had our ups and downs with AJ McCarron & his mom Dee Dee over the years. There were the good days like when I sat face-to-face for an interview with the national champion in a NY barbershop. There were also the bad times like when I said Dee Dee’s 15 minutes of fame were running out just before the NFL Draft.
At some point, AJ blocked me on Twitter even though I’m fairly positive I never tweeted at him. That’s not really my style unless it’s busting Manziel’s balls with random tweets about getting together to go drinking.
Anyway, the McCarron’s are expecting a child this month so I sent a baby shower gift to Katherine just to show some support for the little Who Dey that’s about to enter the world and see the Cincinnati Bengals hoist the Lombardi in Houston 8 months and a couple of days from now. I want that baby’s first words to be “champion.” Preferably “Super Bowl champions,” but I understand that babies have trouble stringing words together like that at 8 months. I want this baby to grow up in a world where his/her daddy has a Super Bowl ring. I want that so bad.
I want all Bengals babies out there to be able to roll their strollers into Cleveland and tell Browns fans to “kiss the ring, bitches.”

Katherine, being the trooper that she is, slid into the DMs today to say thanks for the Paste. Now I just need to figure out a way for AJ to release the Twitter hammer so we can talk fatherhood and football.

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