I’m In For A Bottle Of Butt Paste From Katherine & AJ McCarron’s Baby Registry

Katherine Webb McCarron Baby Registry

I know there have been some up & down moments for A.J. McCarron and Busted Coverage. There were the good times (I interviewed him face-to-face in a hair salon before the NFL Draft) and then the bad times like when he decided to drop the Twitter ban hammer on BC. Through it all, however, I still remain loyal to those who play for the Bengals. That’s why I got on Katherine & AJ McCarron’s baby registry this morning and bought a bottle of Butt Paste for the expecting parents.

It’s the least I could do after all this time I’ve spent with the couple. I remember the first time Katherine Webb showed up on A.J.’s tweets around Christmas way back in like 2012. Now here we are all these years later & I’m buying Butt Paste for their baby off Babies R Us.

It’s been an incredible ride.

Are you a Bama or Bengals fan and want to buy a gift for Baby McCarron. You have two options – here. I was thinking about going after the $270 bouncer, but I figured AJ could afford that since he’ll be getting serious f-you money here in a couple years from some NFL team after his performance late last season when Dalton thought he was a defensive tackle against the Steelers.

The good news here for the Bama & Bengals fans is that there are plenty of cheap options. This registry should be emptied by the end of the day.