Travis Kelce’s Crate & Barrel Snapchat Is Exactly What I Needed On A Tuesday


Travis Kelce Snapchat

Here I was struggling through another brutal afternoon just sitting here thinking of how nice it would be to not be spending 14 hours or so a day in the same chair. You know, maybe mix in a drive here and there. Maybe a walk at the park. Anything besides sitting here listening to people bitch and nitpick over every little thing I say on here or Twitter.

And then Travis Kelce pops up on Snap and delivers an incredible piece of social media magic after an ordinary stop at Crate & Barrel for supplies. That’s when he went on a roll with characters all responding to his Crate and Barrel visit. I guess that’s what I just watched.

At first I didn’t even realize I was watching one of the best tight ends in the NFL do improv while driving his truck.

Guess where Kelce grew up….of course Cleveland. Characters for days in that city.

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