Travis Kelce Lands Reality Dating Show on E!

If you were going to do a “Bachelor”-type show with an athlete, the one — and only — option would easily be Rob Gronkowski. There’s really no other player out there who can match the guy on the field and off. Dude has a Super Bowl ring and laughs every time he hears “69” — he’s basically the total package.
Unfortunately, Gronk’s taken (we think), so the desperate folks over at E! had to settle with Travis Kelce for a new reality dating show called, “Catching Kelce.”
Women of Kansas City, this is for real — details from Deadline:

Fifty eligible women, one from each state in the U.S. will be invited to Los Angeles as Kelce searches for that special someone to become his lifelong “teammate.” Kelce will be joined by famous friends and family to help him along his journey, but in the series finale, only he can decide who is the right woman for him. The dating series has a twist, though. While Kelce will be deciding who stays in the house and who is sent home along the way, the women are able to strategically decide who is attending the all-important group dates. The debate becomes: do you pick your friends and keep those loyalties strong, or choose the “weakest” contenders to make yourself stand out? Lines will be drawn and friendships will be tested as the women pick and choose who gets the extra time with this football superstar.

Hey, it’s not Gronk, but the BC office will be all over this. 50 jersey chasers thirsting for the right to be Kelce’s woman? That’s pageviews city.
And judging from Kelce’s Instagram, it looks like there could be some fun dating activities in store for the viewers.
Machine guns:
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