NFL Draft Prospect Jalen Mills Was Asked If He’d Use a Gun or Knife to Kill Someone

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We’ve already covered some of the craziest questions asked to NFL prospects leading up to the draft, such as:

Basically, team officials pretty much have the green light to ask whatever the hell they want during pre-draft interviews. But those questions above are pretty tame compared to the bomb LSU safety Jalen Mills was recently asked: “If you wanted to kill a guy, would you kill him with a gun or a knife?”

That’s right, Mills told CBS Sports that a team casually dropped that on him. He didn’t exactly reveal his answer, but he did educate us on how teams “grade” the responses of prospects:

“If you choose the knife, now you’re killing for fun cause you have to continuously stab somebody. But the gun is kinda quick.”

Believe it or not, former Murray State product Austen Lane was asked the same thing a couple years ago:

When a scout asked me at the combine if I had to murder someone: Would I use a gun or a knife?

— Austen Lane (@A_Train_92) February 23, 2016

Sticking with the theme of homicide, he was also straight up asked if he’d murder someone:

When a scout at the combine asked me… "If you could kill someone and not get caught, would you?"

— Austen Lane (@A_Train_92) February 23, 2016

Stay strong, prospects. The draft is less than a month away.