More NFL Combine Questions: Do You Like Men?

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Last week, BC Joe gave a rundown of the weird questions NFL coaches ask draft prospects at the scouting combine. Killing people, whether or not you find your mom attractive, smoking weed — nothing is off limits when it comes to the draft vetting process.

Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple knows all about it firsthand, as he was straight up asked, “So do you like men?” by a coach from the Atlanta Falcons:

And that was one of the tamer questions Apple could say on-air!

The Falcons later released a statement apologizing for their line of questioning.

Other random questions:


Baylor WR Corey Coleman said on #Bengals ? about who America fought in a war stumped him & was strangest ? he got

— Daryl Ruiter (@RuiterWrongFAN) February 27, 2016

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