Browns Fans Start “Johnny Free February” Movement


Browns fans have officially turned on Johnny Football. After defending him for weeks about how he’s just a kid going out and partying like a normal 23 year old does, they’ve officially turned heel. I guess all of our articles of him hanging out at the bar finally got them to stop defending him.

As of today, Browns fans have started a movement called “Johnny Free February” where fans of the team do not mention JFF until he’s cut or the first of March.

Please help support Johnny-Free February #JFF, add a #Twibbon now!

— McNeil (@Reflog_18) January 31, 2016

It’s funny because the same people complaining about constant Johnny coverage and who have defended him these last 2 years are the same people turning their backs.

It’s okay Cleveland fans, when Johnny gets cut you’ll go back to complaining about how nobody is talking about your team anymore.

I stand with @Reflog_18 for a Johnny Free February. #JFF

— Matthew Garrott (@MatthewGarrott) January 31, 2016

@Reflog_18 count me in #JFF. Anyone CONtact @BernieKosarQB abouT This EpiC MovemeNT?

— RG1122 (@rglay1122) January 31, 2016