The Broncos Will Win The Super Bowl According To The Pooch Predictor Race


Congrats, Broncos fans. Peyton Manning will be riding off into the sunset next Sunday after taking home his 2nd Super Bowl. There’s really no need to watch the game now because a couple of greyhounds went ahead and did the work for you. The Broncos will take it home pretty handily.

Now you might be saying, they’re just a couple of dogs, they can’t predict a Super Bowl. Well, guess what? Those dogs are 13 for their last 19 in predicting the game. Pretty good odds if you ask me. I just saved you 4 hours of your life. Go watch the Puppy Bowl instead.

poochpredictor1 poochpredictor2 poochpredictor4

[All photos provided by the Palm Beach Kennel Club]



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